Updated Lunch Options

In order for us to serve you a higher quality lunch we are making the following changes.

Instead of a buffet, we will have three different pre-set options to choose from for your lunch experience. As soon you make your choice we will prepare your order and bring it out fresh and hot from the kitchen. 

Please note you will still have soup,desert and fresh naan and your choice of dishes for same price of $9.99 on weekdays and $11.99 on the weekend.

Here are choices of lunch menu package.

Option 1:
Mughaltani Soup
Pick 1: Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Curry, Chicken Seekh Kabob
Pick 1: Palak Vindalo (Spinach), Alu Gobhi (Cauliflower)
Naan or Rice

Option 2:
Mughaltani Soup
Pick 1: Butter Chicken, Chicken Nihari, Chicken Tikka
Pick 1: Baingan Vindalo (Eggplant), Mixed Vegetable
Naan or Rice

Weekend Option:
Mughaltani Soup and Salad
Pick 1: Chicken Tikka Masala, Haleem, Nihari
Pick 1: Chicken Tikka, Chicken Kabob
Pick 1: Daal Tarka, Alu Gobhi, Chana Curry
Biryani or Naan
Gajjer Halwa