What is Tandoori?Tandoori

Several of our most popular main courses are classified as Tandoori. The word tandoori comes from the word tandoor, derived from the Eastern Persian word Tannur. A Tandoor is a traditional open hearth charcoal fired clay oven that is used to bake flatbreads like “naan” and grill or roast beef, lamb, chicken, and seafood. In a Tandoori dish, the meat is marinated in a blend of herbs, spices, and yogurt, and slowly cooked in a tandoor to seal in the natural succulent flavors while removing excess fat, resulting in a healthy and flavor-packed dining experience.

What is Curry?spicy_chicken_masala_recipe

Several of our main courses are classified as Curry. Curry, as the word is used today in South Asia, simply means gravy. In the West, gravy is a liquid sauce made with meat and thickened with flour and seasoning. South Asian Curry or gravy is made by cooking the meat or vegetables along with other ingredients including thickening agents and a combination of spices but using no flour. European dishes most closely resembling curry are Ragout, Navarin, and Hotpot.